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CORPORATE FINANCE: Business Solutions with Finance House

CORPORATE FINANCE: Business Solutions with Finance House

Finance House offers a range of high-end financial products and services for businesses

Businesses face many challenges in their day-to-day running but having a partnership with Finance House can take a lot of the everyday stresses away. Finance House offers a range of superior financial products and services to ensure the focus can be kept on making your individual business a success, rather than having to keep an eye on financial challenges.

The Commercial & Corporate Finance division of Finance House provides companies with a single point of access to an integrated suite of commercial and capital products and financial options. These are always delivered by experienced financial professionals and backed by the vast resources of Finance House.

Working Capital Finance

Working capital is a requirement for any business in order to pay its trade creditors and for day-to-day trading operations.The difference between current liabilities and current assets, except cash, is known as your working capital and a key metric the finance director or accountant will be aware of at all times. A business’s working capital is equivalent to the amount of cash it can deploy very rapidly, otherwise known as its operating liquidity.

Being profitable, or having a large turnover, is by no means a guarantee of success and in times of economic challenges such as those we are currently experiencing, coupled with long payments terms, some businesses may find themselves lacking in working capital. If current assets are less than current liabilities, the business is running on a working capital deficit and will have trouble funding day-to-day expenditures such as paying staff, rent or creditors.

Because any business can suffer from a lack of working capital due to long payment terms, Finance House has come up with a range of products that

can help. Finance House extends short-term working capital facilities to fund your asset conversion cycle through:

• Overdrafts
• Local Bills Discounting
• Discounting of Approved Payments

• Short to Medium Term Loans
• Project Finance
• Contractor Finance
• Real Estate Finance
• Finance for Vehicles and Equipment
• Finance to Small and Medium Businesses

Corporate Finance Solutions

Finance House prides itself on the excellent working relationship and superior services it provides to its corporate customers. Corporate entities face highly specific sets of issues and financial challenges and we are very well equipped to provide complete financial solutions for our corporate customers. These medium and long terms services include, but are not limited to:

• CAPEX Loans
• Refinancing Loans
• Real Estate Loans
• Syndicated Facilities • Contractor Financing • Project Financing
• SME Finance

Each solution is customised to suit the specific needs of every customer, and while we deliver a wide range of innovative, customised and need-based financing solutions to the business society in the UAE, we always remember it is the individual we are doing business with, not the company. Get in touch for more details.

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