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REAL ESTATE: Dubai & Abu Dhabi Hotels Highly Rated


Colliers International hotels have released an overview of the region’s hotel trade from July to Sept 2016 and includes results from the Guest Experience Index  Abu Dhabi beach hotels and Palm Jumeirah hotels received the highest Guest Experience Index (GEI) scores for the entire region according to the Colliers International Mena Hotel Forecast July 2016 report. The publication provides hotel ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Service with a Smile!


According to a new report from Colliers International, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are leading the Middle East and Africa’s serviced apartment industry. Colliers International recently released its comprehensive report, The MEA Serviced Apartment Markets & Guest Experience Index. The report, which provides a detailed analysis of the Middle East and Africa’s serviced apartment markets, reveals an opportunity in the sector ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Cost of construction

apartment block under construction

Colliers International recently published its cost of construction survey for Abu Dhabi and Dubai; Bob Flanagan, Head of Project Management and Consultancy Services for Colliers International, Middle East, spoke to Emirates Review about the findings. How does the cost of construction in UAE compare to the rest of the world? “The UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is the second ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Building new foundations

property developer

The UAE property market is one of the most talked about on the planet; Emirates Review talks to the experts about recent developments in the market. The UAE’s property market has risen like a phoenix from the ashes after the crash of 2009. Its recovery has been so rapid that some have even questioned if a second crash is possible; ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Endless hospitality


Colliers International has launched its inaugural MENA Hotel Market Forecast, which points to the significant opportunities for the hospitality market in UAE. The forecast, which is the first of its kind for the industry in the region, provides 3 month rolling and year-end hotel performance forecasts for key performance indicators including: hotel occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue per ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Mind the gap


According to Colliers International, an increase in mid-market housing would redefine Dubai’s real estate market. In line with a report from Colliers International, evidence suggests that an affordability gap exists in the current Dubai housing market. Colliers International’s report, Addressing the Housing Gap, reveals a mismatch between the demand for and supply of appropriate mid-market property, highlighting the social and ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: A time to buy?

Downtown Dubai by Emaar Properties

With rents rising in the UAE, would residents do better with a mortgage than a tenancy contract? Rents in Dubai are rising faster than anywhere else in the world, and many residents with long-term plans in the region may wonder if a mortgage would represent better value. For example, according to the Dubai Rent Index, a one bedroom flat in ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Keep calm and carry on: there’s no bubble!


Fear of a property bubble is rising alongside Dubai’s property prices, but is there anything to worry about? Winning the Expo 2020 bid in November capped a year of tremendous growth in Dubai’s real estate market, which recorded its strongest growth in five years. Emirates Review looks at the stats from Colliers, which document an extraordinary year.   The Annual ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Rents Rocket


While Abu Dhabi has removed its 5 per cent rental cap, Dubai is allowing its landlords to increase rents by up to 20 per cent. Emirates Review goes property hunting. Good news for landlords, not such good news for long-time tenants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In November, the Abu Dhabi Executive Council abolished the 5 per cent cap on annual rent ... Read More »

REAL ESTATE: Back to Realty

Abu Dhabi Promenade

Abu Dhabi’s growing population is redressing its property market’s supply demand imbalance… What does this mean for the year ahead? The Executive Council of Abu Dhabi announced plans to invest up to AED 330 billion in the emirate’s economy over the next five years, which is aimed at stimulating economic growth and aiding the expansion of the non-oil segment of ... Read More »

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