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LUXURY & TRAVEL: Flying High in Business


Business meetings and corporate events go sky high with exciting packages from Seawings Corporate companies in the UAE are always on the lookout for opportunities to take their business to the next level but UAE based Seawings can literally take your company up into the skies. The seaplane tour operator has been creating stunning aerial sightseeing excursions since 2007, swooping ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Mother of Pearl


Natural pearls are among the rarest and most unique of all the world’s jewels, and the best examples were harvested here in the UAE. Around the world, pearls are synonymous with purity, longevity and elegance. They are one of the world’s oldest gems, fashioned by nature and prized by every ancient civilisation. Legend has painted them as raindrops filled with ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: You win, you cruise!

Eco-Donut Boat Corporate Cruise

Abu Dhabi’s waterways have been transporting travellers for centuries, and now sailors can experience them in the ultimate comfort. Although it is often said that Abu Dhabi sprang up from the desert, it was given life by its waters. Traders, pearlers and fisherman all made a living and saw the Emirate prosper from on board their vessels. To see Abu ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: No place like home


Traditionally, summer is the season that the UAE’s population leaves in search of cooler climates; however there are reasons to stay too.  The majority of UAE residents will take flight in summer to seek refuge from the heat. Some take the opportunity to reconnect with their home country; others want to take advantage of the UAE’s great travel connections and ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Are we nearly there yet?


The UAE’s marvellous location means that the world is at your doorstep; Emirates Review explores where you could be in less than two hours. The UAE’s prized position makes it the gateway to the world. With so many wondrous locations within easy reach, UAE residents don’t have to waste much time on travelling. Misty mountains tops and golden coastlines are ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Spa stars


As a vital stop on the Silk Road, the Middle East has been rejuvenating travellers for thousands of years, and today the best sanctuaries from hectic modern life can be found in Abu Dhabi’s spas. Legend has it that Abu Dhabi was founded on the site of a healing spring, shown to Arabs by a magic gazelle. Though a magic ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Excellent value


Saving for that dream break, or just want to treat the family over Eid? Log on to Value House and make your money go further with a Finance House Credit Card. In May this year, Finance House (FH) launched Value House (VH) to offer all FH Credit Card holders special benefits, offers and deals from a selected array of vendors ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Meeting point


Want to be away from the noise but close to the action? Mafraq Hotel in Abu Dhabi is perfectly placed for a quiet but convenient stay in the UAE’s capital. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without compromising on convenience, Mafraq Hotel boasts one of the best locations in the city. The four-star ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Desert nights


With a blanket of stars above and a luxury, cotton blanket to keep you warm, the UAE desert is now the place where legacy meets luxury. When living in a concrete oasis, it’s easy to forget that the UAE and its people were cradled by the mighty sand dunes which are now shadowed by towering office and apartment blocks. For ... Read More »

LUXURY & TRAVEL: Emirates explorer

Al Bidyah Mosque Fujairah - oldest mosque in the emirates

For luxury, culture and scenery, there really is no place like home. Why travel abroad when the United Arab Emirates can bring the best of the world to you? Emirates Review explores the finest the emirates have to offer. ABU DHABI While Abu Dhabi strides confidently into the future, it is easy to forget that the emirate is swathed in ... Read More »

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