Friday, May 24, 2019
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HEALTH & FITNESS: A Belly Fit For the Beach


Despite eating right some people struggle with belly bloat and with beach season upon us , what can you do to beat the bloat?  Despite working out and eating healthily some people report feeling bloated and are unable to shake off the bulge. This might be due to a sensitive gut and whilst conventional wisdom dictates eating low fat yogurt, ... Read More »

HEALTH & FITNESS: Stress Busters


According to a YouGov survey, 60per cent of the UAE residents suffer from stress; Emirates Review investigates the best way to sooth your tired nerves. Stress has been described as a modern epidemic, with long working hours, little downtime and intrusive technology often cited as the root causes. In this day and age, it is difficult to switch off. With ... Read More »

LIFESTYLE: A Feast of Fun in UAE Parks


Make the most of the lovely weather before the summer heat forces UAE residents inside! What better way than with a picnic in the park? While its iconic skylines may boast some of the bravest contemporary architecture known to the modern world, the UAE’s natural scenery is even more impressive. From jagged mountains to mighty sand dunes, the UAE’s landscape ... Read More »

LIFESTYLE: Welcome to your new home


New to the UAE? Read our guide and you’ll soon be settled in. The UAE has been welcoming weary travellers for centuries, and knows how to make its guests feel at home. Thousands move to the emirates every year in search of a better life, and the UAE authorities have made the process as smooth as possible. As a newcomer, ... Read More »

HEALTH & FITNESS: Divine dairy


While cows steal the limelight in the dairy industry, more people are coming to know the extraordinary health benefits of camel milk. Being one of the hardiest creatures on earth, camel milk has been known to instil a sense of particular powers. For, not only has camel milk been nurturing desert civilisations for centuries; but it also contains enough nutrients ... Read More »

HEALTH & FITNESS: The people’s golf club


Emirates Review tees off at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club. Golf was famously described as a “good walk spoiled” by Mark Twain; however, it remains one of the world’s most popular pastimes. This scenic sport can be enjoyed at any age by either gender and has numerous health benefits. The UAE is a golfer’s paradise, with world-class courses boasting the ... Read More »

LIFESTYLE: The first of many great years


Emirates Review celebrates Value House’s first anniversary. Value House was officially launched in May 2014, and the response has been overwhelming. Finance House Credit Card holders have been enjoying special benefits, offers, and deals from carefully selected vendors and merchants for just over a year. Value House is an integrated platform, effectively designed to offer the best deals and benefits to ... Read More »

HEALTH & FITNESS: Sporting fun

Al Forsan Venue (14)

Al Forsan International Sports Resort is a haven for sporting enthusiasts. If you’ve never seen the appeal of a fly and flop holiday, Emirates Review has the ultimate destination for you. Al Forsan International Sports Resort is the perfect place for those who hate sitting still. Whether you prefer to embark on a horseback riding experience or engage in water ... Read More »

LIFESTYLE: Paradise on Earth


Gardens have been used as a place of rest and reflection for centuries throughout the Arab world; Emirates Review takes you through how to cultivate your own haven at home. Cradled in a tough desert climate, it is hardly surprising that the Arabs were among the first to cultivate gardens thousands of years ago. A cool, walled retreat provided the ... Read More »

HEALTH & FITNESS: Reaching for the sky

Group photo in Inchon

After returning victorious from the London 2012 Paralympics, the UAE Disabled Sports Federation will be gunning for gold in Rio in 2016. The UAE Disabled Sports Federation has been hoisting the UAE flag high since the ‘90s. The federation is dedicated to fostering athletes with special needs and engaging them in various local and international sports events and tournaments. Its ... Read More »

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