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Finance House Unveils Value House Mobile App


Abu Dhabi, 08 November, 2017 – Finance House P.J.S.C (FH) has officially launched its Value House Mobile App, an application that will make the customers’ experience easy, enjoyable and beneficial. Available on both Android and Apple phones, the app was launched as part of Finance House’s commitment to providing the best customer experience possible through mobilizing technology and developing innovative ... Read More »

IT: FHS Wins Award for Mobile Application


Trading any time and any place is made easy with Finance House Securities new mobile trading application Finance House Securities (FHS), the brokerage farm of Finance House P.J.S.C. (FH) has received the “Award of Appreciation” for its Mobile Trading Application from the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) at the GITEX Awards 2016. The app makes being a trading whiz easier by ... Read More »

IT: Extra Safe Online!


Shopping online offers a range of benefits for busy people, but is not without risks; that’s why Finance House introduced 3D Secure to protect its customers Shopping online is convenient. You don’t need to get dressed and drive to your favourite store. You can easily visit a website, find the product you want and buy it without getting out of ... Read More »

How to go green in a highly consuming environment


In the realm of an over-consuming world, efficiency and enhanced utilization become of utmost importance. Often commercialized rather than implemented, the term “going green” has been intermittently traded and swung upon by corporations looking to tick their Corporate Social Responsibility boxes. While many jump straight to advocating for “saving energy”, “recycling”, “reusing and reducing” or any other representative slogan selected, ... Read More »

IT: Changing habits


This issue, our tech experts explain enterprise mobility; what it is and how to utilise it for better business. Enterprise mobility has been an emerging development for some time now. The phrase itself refers to a shift in workplace habits, specifically in relation to the use of mobile devices, wireless connectivity and cloud services. It is heavily tied into the ... Read More »

IT: Rays of hope


DEWA is giving Dubai residents and businesses the opportunity to save money – and the world. Now anyone can harness Dubai’s powerful golden rays and melt down their electricity bills. Solar power is clean, renewable and cost effective. Shams Dubai, DEWA’s first smart initiative to connect solar energy to buildings, has made it easier than ever to catch the sun ... Read More »

IT: A virtual currency in a physical world


Emirates Review asks if Bitcoin, that has as many critics as admirers, is really worth the paper it’s printed on. Created in 2008 by an anonymous person or group of people known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, Bitcoin was released to the public as an open-source application in 2009. Simply put, Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, an online payment system comparable to an ... Read More »

IT: Cutting paper


Clear the clutter, save the environment and boost your CSR credentials – Emirates Review advises on how to be a paperless business. If you’re still printing emails, you’re on the wrong side of history. The idea of a paperless society was first envisioned by Frederick Wilfred Lancaster in 1978, and the technology is finally here to make that dream a ... Read More »

IT: Improving your business website


In this issue’s technology feature, Emirates Review looks at the top tips to get the most out of your online presence. Customers are increasingly making more of their purchases and spending more of their time online every year. The connection between customer and business is moving from the storefront to the company’s online presence. As such, it is essential that ... Read More »

IT: An unassuming soapbox

IT security

Social media has its advantages, but often focus is concentrated on our fears and possible privacy implications. With that in mind, Emirates Review, sad down with Michael Maksoudian, Partner and Chief Media Officer of Netizency, to discuss how to protect yourself online. Since its inception social media has been exalted as the next generation in communication for humanity, whilst simultaneously ... Read More »

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