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ISLAMIC FINANCE: Growing Up in the UAE


The growth of the UAE’s Islamic finance sector has continued to outpace its conventional counterpart. Dubai is inching ever closer to being crowned the Islamic economic capital of the world. The increasing demand for Islamic finance illustrates how many people in the UAE want products that comply with their faith, and the growing awareness and understanding about the sector. According ... Read More »

ISLAMIC FINANCE: This time, it’s personal!

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Islamic Finance House (IFH) is making Shari’ah-compliant  finance  accessible for everyone. What would you do with a lump sum of money? Perhaps renovate your house, pay school fees or go on a holiday that you’ve always dreamed about. While most finance serve a specific purpose, i.e. a car or home finance, a personal finance can be spent in whatever way ... Read More »


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The ‘Dubai: Capital of the Islamic economy’ initiative is well underway; Emirates Review charts its progress.  It’s been almost two years since HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced an initiative which would transform the economy of the UAE and the global Islamic finance industry. Within 36 ... Read More »

ISLAMIC FINANCE: Introducing Islamic Finance House

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Islamic Finance House (IFH) was the brainchild of Finance House’s management team, who wanted to help quell the increasing demand for high quality Islamic finance products. Islamic Finance House is a subsidiary of Finance House’s (FH) Group, a leading financial services provider in the UAE. The aim of FH Group management is to provide all sorts of financial solutions and ... Read More »

ISLAMIC FINANCE: Islamic finance and business growth


Islamic business finance makes sense for any company wishing to conduct their affairs with integrity and transparency. Islamic business finance operates within the framework of the religion, based on Quran and Sunna. In accordance with this, Islamic business finance is raised based on establishing justice between the two parties, where the financer agrees to share business process risks in exchange ... Read More »



The world’s largest Islamic business forum is coming to UAE. After being held in London last year, the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE) will be hosted this year in Dubai which aspires to become the capital of the Islamic economy. WIFE began modestly as the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) Business Forum, which was held on 15 October 2003, ... Read More »

ISLAMIC FINANCE: Funding business the Islamic way


Islamic finance is a perfect fit for SME financing. According to Saif Hameed, Sales Incharge at Islamic Finance House, Islamic banking for SMEs is a ‘win win’ situation. “Entrepreneurs in the SME sector are more inclined towards using Shari’ah-compliant products and services. They are attracted to Islamic finance because it integrates ethical and moral values,” he said. “Parallels are often ... Read More »

ISLAMIC FINANCE: Celebrating Scholars


Behind every Islamic finance transaction is a great mind; Emirates Review pays tribute to the guardians of Islamic finance industry. The integrity of the Islamic finance industry is in their hands. No product, transaction or fund can escape their scrutiny. Shari’ah scholars bear the responsibility of ensuring Islamic financiers comply with Shari’ah. More than that, Shari’ah scholars find ways of making ... Read More »


Cupolas of the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

Can Dubai apply its visionary thinking to Islamic finance? Ever since Dubai voiced its intention to become the global hub of the Islamic economy, everyone has been asking what that actually means. According to Thomson Reuters, who are partnering with Dubai Chamber to organise the Global Islamic Economy Summit, the Islamic economy consists of six pillars, namely: Islamic finance; Halal ... Read More »

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