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INSURANCE: Oil Price Impact on Insurance


How will the insurance industry be affected by the impact of lower oil prices? The oil industry has struggled since the later part of 2015 to reach $50 per barrel. The impact of this on oil producing nations is obviously significant but what does it means for insurers in this marketplace?
Insurers in the UAE have enjoyed buoyancy in the industry ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Checking Vitals


By mid-2016, all companies must be in compliance with Dubai new medical insurance law; here is what you need to know. Following in the footsteps of Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced a new health insurance law in 2013, which states that medical insurance will be mandatory for residents of Dubai.  A deadline for mid-2016 was set, and the ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Duty of care


All employers in the UAE have a duty of care towards their staff and customers, and this includes a legal obligation that insures employees against losses, damages or injuries sustained during employment. A mutually silent stake, whereby ensuring your employees’ wellbeing, in turn secures your business’s progression and success. By definition, a liability makes you legally responsible for something, in ... Read More »

INSURANCE: How to win the talent war


If you think pay raises and bonuses are the only way to hang on to your top talent, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn there is a more progressive way to win staff loyalty. Does your business need to consider starting a corporate pension plan? If you want the best for your staff, then the answer is yes. Financial security ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Ensuring good business


While many SME owners will only take out the mandatory insurance requirements, it may not be enough to keep every threat to your business at bay.  As an SME owner, a sufficient number of concerns overcome you;  however, acquiring  adequate insurance, will diminish one of these worries. Without the reserves of a large corporation, any mishap could spell disastrous for ... Read More »

INSURANCE: A liability on the ocean waves


Don’t set sail without reading the small print on your marine insurance! Harnessing the elements and riding them across the oceans may be one of the most rewarding ways to travel, but plenty can go wrong when cutting across rough waters. Your boat may be your pride and joy. Your livelihood may even depend on it. It gives you shelter ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Confidence behind the wheel


With the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix approaching, fast cars are on the minds of many, but don’t drive off without the right motor insurance! If the excitement of the upcoming 2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has inspired you to consider a new vehicle, make sure you pay equal attention to getting the right insurance policy. For ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Safe journey


As the temperature rises in the UAE, many will flock to cooler climates – but don’t let your perfect break turn into a disaster! When daydreaming of stunning scenery and exotic cuisine, no one likes to think about what can go wrong. Theft, illness and accidents can all turn your dream holiday into a nightmare. Most people will take out ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Taking care


If you’re an employer in Dubai that doesn’t already provide health insurance, the clock is now ticking to get your staff covered; Emirates Review explores options. If you are an employer in Dubai with over 1,000 staff, you now have until end of October to get your employees insured as per DHA regulations. The new law requiring compulsory health insurance for ... Read More »

INSURANCE: Professional protection

business man leaping

Emirates Review speaks to Farid Ghosn, Business Development Manager at Insurance House, about the need for professional indemnity insurance. Your average general liability insurance policy will only respond to a bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury claim. Other forms of insurance cover employers, public and product liability. However, various professional services and products can give rise to ... Read More »

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