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Bank’s Asset and Liability Management (ALM)


A Chief Risk Officer’s Perspective This article aims to illuminate certain key areas that are fundamental to the establishment and development of a robust and sustainable Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function in banks. The main aim is to focus on the Asset and Liability Management (ALM) framework based on market experiences and some of the banks’ operating models. Failure to ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Business Solutions with Finance House


Finance House offers a range of high-end financial products and services for businesses Businesses face many challenges in their day-to-day running but having a partnership with Finance House can take a lot of the everyday stresses away. Finance House offers a range of superior financial products and services to ensure the focus can be kept on making your individual business ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Top Returns and Peace of Mind


Multi-Year Fixed Deposits offer businesses excellent returns along with peace of mind. MYFD features: Available at low entry levels; in amounts from as low as AED 25,000 (US $10,000) Applicable on tenors that range from 12 months up to five years Various interest types available for customer selection MYFD clients may select their preference between Simple and Compound Interest payments. ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Being accounted for


If your company account isn’t making your business better, it’s time to find one that will. A bank is a facilitator you pay fees, to act on your behalf and ease your financial transactions. Similar to the competitive employee-workforce landscape, banks are no different. If your bank hasn’t been effectively managing your accounts or has lagged behind in service, it ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Alternative solutions


Does your business need a monetary boost? Emirates Review explores the surprising number of options available to you. If you’re a business in need of finance, a corporate bank loan is usually your first port of call. However, a traditional bank loan has its drawbacks. The application process can be lengthy, the bureaucracy infuriating and the approval criteria restrictive. Fortunately, ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Getting started in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is known for welcoming and nurturing entrepreneurs; if you’ve got a new company ready to roll out in the business-friendly emirate, read our guide on how to get cracking. If you’re an entrepreneur keen on taking  advantage of Abu Dhabi’s supportive climate and growing economy, the good news is,  starting a business in Abu Dhabi is an easy ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Documenting success


Mohammed Muthalif Rahmathullah spoke to Emirates Review about his mission to introduce standardised documentation for financial institutions. Mohammed Muthalif Rahmathullah is using his 40 years of experience in banking to forge a vital missing link: standardised documents. What brought you to your current job? Or how did you come about to the job you are currently doing? “I joined National ... Read More »

CORPORATE FINANCE: Guarantee quality


A new fee structure for labour guarantees was introduced last year, but clients of Finance House can save on the extra cost. Since 2001, employers in the UAE have been required to give the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs a bank guarantee for every new employee they hire. There is no doubt this was a wise move by the ... Read More »


credit report

The Etihad Credit Bureau is ready to launch, however banks are less prepared to provide the information it needs. As the UAE bounces back from the dark days of the 2009, regulators have been busy safeguarding the country’s recovery and formulating ways to ensure the crisis never happens again. During the boom years, banks were generous with lending. When many ... Read More »



Young, gifted and bursting with ideas? The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development is here to turn your business dreams into reality. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any economy; in the UAE they contribute an estimated 60 per cent of nominal GDP and provide 86 per cent of all private sector employment. And yet, this vital sector ... Read More »

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